Pragmatics and language learning, volume 13

Pragmatics and language learning, volume 13


  • 著者
  • Tim Greer, Donna Tatsuki, Carsten Roever
  • 出版社
  • National Foreign Language Resource Center
  • 出版年月
  • 2013年04月
  • ISBN
  • 9780983581642

Featuring selected studies from the Pragmatics and Language Learning Conference that was held at Kobe University in 2010, this edited volume examines the organization of second language and multilingual speakers' talk and pragmatic knowledge across a range of naturalistic and experimental activities. Based on data collected among ESL and EFL learners from a variety of backgrounds, the contributions explore the nexus of pragmatic knowledge, interaction, and L2 learning outside and inside of educational settings.

国際コミュニケーションセンター 教授 Tim Greer


  • Introduction
  • A Coming of Age of Conversation Analysis and Applied Linguistics
  • Expanding Resources for Marking Direct Reported Speech
  • Prioritization: A Formulation Practice and Its Relevance for Interaction in Teaching and Testing Contexts
  • Turn-taking Practices in Conversation-For-Learning
  • Working Through Disagreement in English Academic Discussions Between L1 Speakers of Japanese and L1 Speakers of English
  • Collaborative Creation of Spoken Language Corpora
  • Acquisition of the Pragmatic Marker ‘Like’ by German Study Abroad Adolescents
  • On Saying the Same Thing: Issues in the Analysis of Conventional Expressions in L2 Pragmatics
  • The Effects of Explicit Metapragmatic Instruction on EFL Learners’ Performance of Constructive Criticism in an Academic Setting
  • Pragmatic Awareness of Japanese EFL Learners in Relation to Individual Differences: A Cluster Analytic Approach