Japan Study as a Public Good in Asia

Japan Study as a Public Good in Asia


  • 著者
  • 黄リン [ほか] 著
  • 出版社
  • Springer
  • 出版年月
  • 2019年02月
  • ISBN
  • 9789811363351







  • Declining Birthrate and Aging
    • Japanese Social Welfare System Reform and Transformation of Social Governance
    • Aging Population, Decreasing Birthrate and National Security: Searching for the Possibility of Cooperation Between Japan and Korea
  • Technological Innovation and Societal Change
    • The Impact of Modern Technology on Japanese Studies
    • Social Technology Research in Japan as a Public Good
    • The New Overseas Chinese in Japan: What Case Studies Tell Us
  • Robust Society Against Natural Disasters
    • People with Different Abilities and Disaster—Lessons Learned from Jogjakarta, Post-earthquake 2006–2016
    • The Effectiveness of Advertising Media Channels in Encouraging Travel to a Post-disaster Destination: A Case in Japan