Civil Law Reforms in Post-Colonial Asia

Civil Law Reforms in Post-Colonial Asia

Beyond Western Capitalism


  • 著者
  • 金子由芳
  • 出版社
  • Springer
  • 出版年月
  • 2019年03月
  • ISBN
  • 9789811362026




  • Historical Review of Civil Law Changes
    • Civil Law in the French Asian Colonies
    • Contract Law in Myanmar: An Outcome of British Colonial Law
    • The Role of the Japanese Civil Code in the Codification in the Kingdom of Siam
    • The Pathway of Civil Law Development in Indonesia: Laws on Land
  • Outcomes of Contemporary Legal Reform Assistance
    • A Study on the Civil Code Revision: The 2015 Civil Code of Vietnam
    • One Aspect of Civil Procedure Reform in Asia: Placing the Focus upon Vietnam
    • Issues of Compulsory Execution in Myanmar: A Comparative Approach from Practical Viewpoints
    • Japan’s Civil Code Drafting Support for Socialist Reform Countries: Diversity of Normative Choice