Economic Law Reforms in the ASEAN Emerging Economies

Economic Law Reforms in the ASEAN Emerging Economies

A Review of Three Decades’ Paths


  • 著者
  • 駿河輝和, Phanhpakit Onphanhdala, 金子由芳 編著
  • 出版社
  • Springer
  • 出版年月
  • 2023年05月
  • ISBN
  • 9789819915552 / 9789819915583 / 9789819915569


policies in the ASEAN late developing countries since the start of market economy in the late 1980s, with a focus on major economic law areas including the foreign investment law, competition law, labor law, procedural laws for civil dispute resolution, and the law for civil execution. It is argued that these ASEAN emerging economies have, while proceeding the economic law reform for liberalization under the international pressures such as the negotiations for World Trade Organization (WTO) accession and Free Trade Agreements, as well as the conditionalities imposed by the structural adjustment programs of international development agencies, maintained certain legal bases for economic control by going along with the moment toward common legal framework under ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

社会システムイノベーションセンター 教授 金子由芳


  • 1. Foreign Direct Investment Inflow and Investment Climate in ASEAN Least Developed Countries
  • 2. Policy Choices in the Economic Law Reforms of ASEAN Emerging Economies: A Comparative Perspective
  • 3. Comparative Approach to ASEAN Competition Policy and Law
  • 4. Characteristics of Labour Disputes Resolution in the Four ASEAN Least Developed Countries
  • 5. Development of Consensual Dispute Resolution Procedures in Vietnam: An Aspect of Legal Development Support and the Development of ADR
  • 6. Asset Preservation Procedures and Compulsory Execution as Basic Framework for Debt Recovery in the ASEAN Late-Developing Countries
  • 7. Status of the Reform of Laos’ Real Property System and a Perspective on Legal Development Support: A Fundamental Consideration of Phases 1 and 2 of the Lao Land Titling Project
  • 8. Foreign Direct Investment and Inflow Climate in Laos by Industry