Adaptation Measures for Urban Heat Islands

Adaptation Measures for Urban Heat Islands


  • 著者
  • 竹林英樹, 森山正和
  • 出版社
  • Academic Press
  • 出版年月
  • 2020年03月
  • ISBN
  • 9780128176245

Adaptation Measures for Urban Heat Islands helps the reader understand the relative performance of these adaptation measures, methods and analysis relating to their creation and maintenance, evaluation methods, and the role of policy and governance in implementing them. A suite of case studies is included on these urban or metropolitan areas that are significantly warmer than their surrounding rural areas due to human activities. In recent years, a suite of adaptation measures have been developed to mitigate the urban heat island phenomena.

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  • 1. Background and purpose
  • 2. Adaptation measures and their performance
  • 3. ‘Hot spot’ adaptation measures
  • 4. Case studies of adaptation cities
  • 5. Evaluation methods of adaptation cities
  • 6. The role of local government and governance
  • 7. Summary