Transmission and Organization of Knowledge in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Transmission and Organization of Knowledge in the Ancient Mediterranean World


  • 著者
  • 周藤芳幸
  • 出版社
  • Phoibos Verlag
  • 出版年月
  • 2022年01月
  • ISBN
  • 9783851612608


人文学研究科 准教授 佐藤昇


  • Introduction
  • Greek numerals and numeracy
  • The Epigraphy and Topography of the Sanctuary of Machaon in Gerenia
  • What the Use of Writing Tools Brought about in Ancient Greece: Plato’s Mind-Models and the Alexandrian Library
  • Oral Transmission of Knowledge and Suppressing the Audience’s Thorubos in Classical Athens
  • Diffusion of Roman Imperial Portraits
  • Intercultural exchange of knowledge in the archaic and classical Mediterranean
  • Purple Dye in the Aegean: Technology, production, trade and transmission of knowledge
  • Bridging the Gulf: The Role of Landscape in the Transmission and Organisation of Knowledge
  • Western Greek Poleis and Sanctuaries Abroad
  • Travelling Images, Travelling Gods. Greek-Phoenician Encounters
  • Social Resilience and Organization of Knowledge in Ptolemaic Egypt
  • The Knowledge Transmitted by Inscribed Accounts and Legal Documents
  • Sharing Divine and Human knowledge: Oracles and Lots
  • Transmission of the Concept of the Public / Private Distinction in Classical Athens
  • The Classical Greek Historians and Their Sources
  • The History the Rhetorically Educated Knew
  • Continuation and (Re)creation of Foundation Discourses in Lycia and their Historical Background
  • Transmission of Council Documents: A Case of the Fourth-Century Antiochene Church