Challenges of Human Resource Management in Japan

Challenges of Human Resource Management in Japan


  • 著者
  • Ralf Bebenroth, 金井壽宏
  • 出版社
  • Routledge
  • 出版年月
  • 2011年07月
  • ISBN
  • 9780415582605 / 9780415691383





  • Part 1: Japanese HRM from an International Perspective
    • Taking Stock of the Research on Evolving Relationships between Japanese Human Resource: Management Practices and Firm Performance
    • Japanese Human Resource Management: Inspirations from Abroad and Current Trends of Change
    • Expatriation and Performance
    • Human Resource Management and Employment Systems in Asia: Directions of Change and New Challenges
    • Demystifying the relationship between intercultural adjustment and effectiveness in international assignments: reflections on Japanese expatriate managers
    • Global Talent Management and Learning for the Future: Pressing Concerns and Opportunities for Growth for Japanese Multinationals
  • Part 2: Japanese HRM from a Domestic Perspective
    • Strategic Human Resource Management Research in the Japanese Context: Unique Opportunities for Theory Advancement
    • Psychological Contract in Japanese Companies: An Explorative Study on Contents, Fulfillment, and Breach of Contracts
    • Cognitive framework for performance appraisal: An empirical study of narrative evaluations in a Japanese auto-company
    • Diversification of Employment Categories in Japanese Firms and its Funcitonality: A study based on the Human Resource Portfolio System
    • Quantum Leap Experiences for Leadership Development: Stories and Lessons of Japanese Top and Middle Managers